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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Another small step closer

My baby has taken another small step closer as she graduated from preschool AGAIN. Yes, again. She started attending preschool when she was just two. It was just for fun at first really. She enjoyed the first few months, but got tired just before the school year ended. Nevertheless, she attended the graduation. Last June, we enrolled her as a preschool again, simply because I feel like she's still young, she was just 3 then, although she turned 4 the same year. Also, I didn't want to force her into something she's just not ready yet. But I can now say that she's ready. She loves learning, and she has learned a lot. She looks forward going to school. And she really wanted to attend their graduation. She even asked me to buy her a new dress, and a new pair of shoes. :)

My little brother and daughter. Yes, I have a brother with the same age as my baby. :)

Me with the adorable graduates




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