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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ice Skating

After over a decade, I have finally gone ice skating again. My late aunt used to take me and my cousin skating. I have always wanted to go skating again, but didn't have the chance, until this day. :)

It was a bit scary, I felt like a child walking for the first time. But I loved every minute of it.

                          MY SIBLINGS GETTING READY

My sister afer her THIRD FALL :))

They have a sled for those who want to experience the ice, but couldn't.       


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kids Camera

I wasn't sure when was the right time for my 4 year-old daughter to have a camera, but few days before their field trip, I decided to buy her a Fisher Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera.

The camera is, indeed, kid-tough; it has been dropped for a number of times, and its still works.
It is kid-friendly; My daughter didn't have a hard time using it.
It is USB-capable, so the shots taken are transferable.
It has a memory card slot.
The images, though, were of low quality.

So, I guess that was the right time for her to have one. She enjoyed their field trip more, because she was able to take pictures. Her classmates, even, had fun playing with her camera. :)

Below are some of her camera shots.


Monday, October 10, 2011

Thursday, August 11, 2011

my princess as snow white

She can dress up as any princess she likes, but she will always, always be my princess.
And for her 4th birthday, she decided to be not just my princess, but Snow White as well. So being a gaga-over-her, I tried to give her the most 'Snow White-y' birthday I could offer. :)

As preparation, I took a lot of pictures of her.

I made her this Snow White headband :)

snow whie shoes
I had a hard time looking for a of pair gold doll shoes with a bow, her size,  so I just bought the available gold shoes and  put a bow on it.

After a lot of considerations for a Snow White related cupcake,
I finally LOVED an idea!

With much effort and patience, I transformed her printed pictures into cupcake toppers.

and VOILA! 
snow white cupcake

She has been requesting for a new baby doll, and a Baby Alive My Real Baby, specifically, so I finally decided to buy her one. I even transformed myself into a carpenter for a night, and made a her doll high chair, since doll accessories are not easy to find here in the Philippines. And I even had a carpenter made her a doll crib.
Custom-made apple earrings and necklace. :)

seven dwarfs bracelet
Of course, Snow White's incomplete without the seven dwarfs.
Ms. Joy Chua of Happy Chains custom-made this adorable seven dwarfs bracelet, by the way.
I wanted her loot bags to be Snow White related as well, so I custom made 2 kinds of loot bags, the one for the girls, and the other for the boys. The loot bags for girls, we're of course, Snow White inspired; while the loot bags for boys were inspired by the prince charming. :)

snow white cake
Ms. Maeyo of Pink Bread made these cute, adorable and delicious cake and cupcakes. :)

excuse the messy background, our house was under renovation at that time.

I'm linking these cupcakes to YUMMY SUNDAYS, btw. :)

My princess was worth everything, she still is, and she will always be. :)


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