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Monday, June 25, 2012

busy months ahead...

June's almost over, and I'm running out of time. REALLY, I AM.
One of the upsides of belonging to an enormous family?
Birthdays after birthdays. ;)
And when I say 'birthdays after birthdays', I mean our calendar is fully loaded from January to December.
No kidding!

This July, we have 3 birthdays in line:
My sister, A, on the 3rd
My sister, M, on the 9th
My not-so-little-anymore-brother, C on the 15th

And 3 more on August:
My aunt C on the 9th
My Princess A on the 11th
My aunt T on the 19th

There wouldn't be any big celebration. REALLY.
But I want to make their days somehow special by giving them a little something.
And since I love crafting, and it's sometimes more practical, I want to make the gifts myself.
I also personally think that personalized gifts are more heartfelt;
but it's still the thought that counts.
For me, all personalized gifts are lovely.

With these number of celebrants,
I really need to keep going.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

My daughter's 5th birthday is not until August 11, but I'm already starting to brew as early as today. Why so excited, right? I know it's still too early. But this is my princess we're talking about. When it comes to her, NOTHING IS TOO MUCH. But don't get me wrong, this isn't a grand ball I'm planning; an intimate event is what I have in mind. A soiree with memories my daughter will grow up with. Fairy tales may not be real, but my love for her is. So, I'm making her 5th birthday fairytale-like, or at least like the fairytale I'm imagining for her on her birthday.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Hero

I really don't know how to start.
I could get really emotional when it comes to this man.

He, of course, is the first man I have ever loved.
BOYS have come and go, but this MAN stayed.
So, I ought to LOVE him til my last breath.

I had let go of his hold, and ran away,
but was the first one to pick me up when I stumbled and fell,

I turned my back on him, and flew away, 
but was the first one to catch me when I got bruised.

He isn't a doctor, but always helped me heal my wounds.
He isn't a lawyer, but always the first one to defend me when I have issues.
He isn't a teacher, but taught me a lot of things.
He isn't a tour guide, but have always guided me.
He doesn't have superpowers, but have always saved me.
He's not just my father, he's also my hero.

Some may see him as hard as rock,
but in our eyes, his children's eyes,
he's even soften than cotton itself.

We have witnessed him broke down for the love of us, his children.

Some may look down to him,
but we will always look up to him.

He is my father.
And I would never have him switched for anybody else.

His love for us is truly immeasurable.

***I Love You, Daddy.
I may have disappointed you gazillion times before, and may disappoint you gazillion times more tomorrow, but I will always, always love you. We fail because failure's inevitable, but not because we want to hurt you. I may not say this as often as I should, but I will always love you, Daddy, and I will forever be thankful that God has given you to us as our father, despite everything. God is indeed wise. He knows what we really need, and when we really need it. He gave us you as our father. And because of that, there's nothing much to  worry about.

Tutu Apron

After weighing thoughts and feelings regarding the tutu apron, I decided to finish the apron tutu yesterday morning. Sure, it's too much. But it's labor of love, and my daughter loves it. So, if she's proud of it, and wants to tell the world, why should I stop her? Plus, don't we want to see our kids at their happiest? After all, wearing something too much isn't a crime, except for Joan Rivers. :)

Anyways, a glimpse:
tutu apron
what she's holding, btw, is a mini cheese grater :)

And my brother's:

I finished these for over 24 hours, so yes, my THUMB is SORE.
But, one of these days, I will be, as suggested by fellow blogger, Lalah, and agreed by Rosemarie, Vera and Olga, doing a second apron.
Although, Miss`Chievous support was, of course, valued. :)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Tutu or Not Tutu, That Is The Question.

I never doubt the beauty a tutu exudes. And yet, for the second time, I am debating whether I should or not push thru making tutu apron for my baby. I am actually almost done with it, and honestly have to be done with it by now, since my daughter will be needing it in school later. But since Im having yet again tutu issue, I cant finalize it.
I do admit that it may be a little over the top.
Their teacher asked them to bring apron, and she will be bringing what? Tutu Apron.
OA - as my sister describes it.
I know, alright?
But she has been asking for it, and very excited about it. How do I tell her I decided to deglamorize your apron because your aunt thinks its OA? Just the thought of it breaks my heart.
Kids have the every right to be cute. And this is my princess we are talking about, I cant settle for anything less. I guess every parent would agree that we want nothing but the best
for our kids, even it would SOMETIME mean going over the top.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Back to School

Look who's ready for school :)
school girls
as I've said before, my daughter's baby alive doll, Princess, is very much a part of  our  family.

And this is the reason I've been very busy lately, been juggling wrapping books and notebooks, buying school supplies, and sewing this little uniform. :)

Monday, June 4, 2012

My Tinkerbell :)

I sure did miss blogging.

Anyway, I've already finished my baby's tinkerbell dress.
Actually, I've finished it a long time ago, but never really made my daughter try it until recently. I don't know, I just got lazy I guess.

tinkerbell dress

Before and after making this dress, I still couldn't decide if I'd make her skirt a tutu.

So, I decided to make one for Princess, her baby alive doll, just to see how it'd look with a tutu.
And this was the outcome:
tinkerbell baby alive
I loved it, so I decided to make her skirt tutu.


tinkerbell dress

tinkerbell dress

vegetable tinkerbell

After she got bruised. She got out of balance while doing a pose. 

Her tinkerbell shoes used to be her school shoes, btw. :)

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