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Monday, November 26, 2012

Lo and behold! Baby's Finally Home :)

I'm ecstatic at the moment! :)

Roll out the red carpet for our new baby, Maryam Amber.
Her parents prefer to call her "Amber", but I like calling her "Mai-Mai" ;D

Even with just a few hours of sleep, I woke up all hyped up to visit our new baby. As I've mentioned in my previous post, we didn't get to bring her home yesterday because she's under medication. We expected her to stay there for  3-7 days more, but when we visited her this morning, we were all thrilled when we were informed that she could go home with us already. We just need to bring her to her pedia twice daily for 7 days for her antibiotics, but that's better than just visiting her at the hospital.

We're all just grateful she's finally home.

Ate Lia and I love you, Baby Mai-mai! <3

Saturday, November 24, 2012

After giving birth last November 23, my sister has finally got out of the hospital, minus her baby
The baby's currently under medication because although I have read that it was just a myth, according to them, my sister had a dry birth. 

It was a loooong wait for all of us. Her water broke at 3 in the morning, and didn't give birth until it was past 11 in the evening. Contractions did not follow immediately after her water broke, thus the long wait, and thus the baby's health condition.

This is just breaking my heart.
We were all excited when we found out my sister's coming home. Even without enough sleep, I rushed to pick them up. There we found out that the baby couldn't come home with us. 
What ticks me off is that they didn't even allow my sister to see her baby before we left.
They insist that they have a strict viewing time to follow.
I understand that they have rules, and that they must be observed.
But my sister wasn't just going to "view" her newborn baby, she was going to see her off.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Gelarti for the Artsy

My princess loves anything and everything that give colors, be it a pen, crayon, make-up, or paint, name it.
She has been playing with pens even before she was potty-trained.
And even though my dad opposed, I spoil her with sets of coloring and writing materials.
He thought it wasn't safe considering her age. But she apparently knows what pens and crayons are for. She never ate them or got into any accident with them. 

 That's why when she got the chance to try Gelarti two months ago, we were thrilled.

She and my brother were provided with stickers to decorate.

The stickers are reusable, and you get to decorate them with color gels.

Stickers just how you want them!

They both enjoyed the activity, and my princess absolutely loved Gelarti.

Jump-start Reading

Although Lia attended preschool for 2 years prior this school year, this seems to be just her first year.
I often feel I should have just insisted they put her to nursery instead of kinder.
She was just 2 (turning 3) when we made her and my brother attend preschool. The preschool they attended was where my cousin used to work. Thus, the special treatment.
They could refuse to participate. They could refuse to listen. They could do as they wish, including not going to school.

When this school year started, her first name is the only thing she can write. And even that, she didn't learn from school. She learned it when we were at home and she asked me to write her name, and copied it. Since then, she started writing her first name. 
She can recognize the alphabets but only by their sounds, not by their names; and the credit goes to their preschool.

This school year, she was obliged to write her full name. And I'm glad she can do it now. She also can recognize the alphabets now both by their sounds and names. Although she's somehow keeping up, I sometimes feel bad for her. 
A few months ago, her teacher talked to me about her reading and writing.
She pointed out that Lia's going to attend grade one next school year, and that she needs to pick up the pace.
It's like she entered a race that has long-started.

And although I want her to pick up the pace, I don't want to put too much pressure on her.
After all, it's not her fault she's on that class. Luckily for my brother, with his age, he had to enter nursery.

Lia has been playing with pens for as long as I could remember. But clearly, doodling is different from writing. LOL. And although she can copy, she somehow lacks direction and distance. But her handwriting has definitely improved.

During their sem break, I started introducing her to phonics. She knows most of them, but often gets distracted. I tried looking for effective ways. 
And last night, I stumbled upon Starfall. It seemed well, so I introduced it to her earlier this day. And I must say, it is efficient.
It has fun ways of acquainting reading to kids.
Lia absolutely loved it.
Before Starfall, reading seems like a punishment for her. But tonight, before going to bed, she asked me when are we reading again.

Thanks, Starfall, you just saved my sanity. :)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

New Header

I've been meaning to give my blog a make-over for months now, but I never really had the time til tonight.
I wanted to give it a "celebrity-look" to fit her being a "star" of mine.
I don't know how I ended up with this cute castle background.
Well, basically I saw it, and I just fell in love with it.
It was just too hard for me to just let it go. LOL.
I figured this film banner doesn't suit the castle background, and so I opted for a rainbow.
And just as I finished the rainbow banner which I'm currently using, I knew I just had to use it.
I just find it too cute to be just kept.

Oh, I'll miss these many faces of my star.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Oh, write!

It feels like it was only yesterday when my princess started writing her name. She was just 3 then, and I could swear I was so thrilled, I took a photo of it, but can't seem to find it now. 

Anyhoo, over 2 months ago, she tried Gelarti, and was asked to write her name, and I just can't help but feel proud.

She clearly made some progress. 
She can now write her full name. 

Yep, full name. I can explain to why her name is short. LOL.
I have 2 first names, and both my middle name and family name are LOOONG.
So, more or less, I know what it's like to spend most of your exam time writing just your name.
Exaggerated, I know, but I guess you get my point.


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