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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Meet Sitaw

Although often regarded as "The MOST INFAMOUS President of the Philippines", Ferdinand Marcos, I think is one of the greatest presidents of the Philippines. I know, I know, I wasn't even born during his reign. And base on what I usually hear, Ferdinand Marcos seems to be a curse. But is his reign was really all about corruption, Martial Law, and his wife's shoes? I mean, he did some good things, too. Some may say I really don't know, since I wasn't even born then.
Anyway, I don't mean to make my post somehow political. 
This is just about my daughter during their Nutrition Month, which by the way, happens every July of the year, in observance to the PRESIDENTIAL DECREE No. 491, adopted, approved, and made as part of the law of the land by the then President Ferdinand E. Marcos. 

This years theme: "Pagkain ng Gulay Ugaliin, Araw-araw ito Ihain"
As a part of their school's celebration, the kinder students were assigned different vegetables, and were asked to wear vegetable costumes with nutritional contents, from recycled materials.
Being a stage mom that I am, of course, I made one for her.
Sitaw or String Beans were assigned to her.
I used net bags which we painted green to make the sitaw, and her Tinkerbell dress as the "base".
and because I'm obedient, her  Sitaw dress was made from recycled materials, and has it's nutritional contents.

Some of her classmates:

The nursery students were there, too, so my little brother was there.
They wore hats with images of vegetables and fruits.

They had a parade, and a recitation.
After the mini-program, they headed to their respective classrooms, and were fed fruits and vegetables.

Meet my Sitaw :)


  1. During my kids Nutrition month culmination program, I was there and took photos on them. It is my pledge to them in silent that I will be always be present in every school program.

    1. Kudos!
      I admire fathers who dedicate time to their family, especially their kids. :)

  2. whaaat?? Nutrition Month was already there since Marcos' time?? I only heard of that, I think late '90's. tsk tsk..
    anyway, you're little girl's so cute! hihi! i hope i can also persuade my kids to eat veggies.

  3. Wow! So creative to make a dress from sitaw! :)

  4. You're good! I didn't experience having my mom make me costume.. :(
    But I still love her.. and you too.. :)

    1. Thanks.
      And for the record: My mom never made a costume for me, and just like you, I still love her. :)

  5. great costume and your girl is so cute!

  6. good to know that schools celebrate nutrition month. we didn't have that way back. and it was already after Marcos time. hmmmm...

  7. i like your sitaw costume!!! not the usual gulay costume you'll see... very creative!!! and in fairness ha kering keri ng baby mo! :-)

  8. When I saw the title I thought it was kids to eat sitaw for the first time.
    I remember during my elementary days that we have a parade with veggies in baskets during the nutrition month celebration.
    -Daddy Allan (Visit from BCB)

  9. The kids definitely enjoyed the parade...I just don't know if they enjoyed eating time hehehe. Fruits no problem, but veggies I think a lot of kids have a hard time with that :-)

  10. Cute Sitaw! Naku I am anticipating these kind of activities my little son will have in the near future. Excited much!

    By the way sis, you are in my award's list. Please check it out:

  11. Galing talaga ng concept ng costume for your little girl, no wonder nanalo. There's bound to be something good about Marcos' reign of terror diba, sa tagal naman nyang naging presidente. But it still doesn't undo the human rights abuses and the graft/corruption that happened then.



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