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Thursday, July 5, 2012

BC Bloggers Meme: Count Your Blessings!

Oh yeah!
BC Bloggers makes blogging a BLAST!
See for yourself!

This week's topic source is Daddy Yashiro.
Anyway, this would be my THIRD ATTEMPT to join BC Bloggers Meme.
I've been drafting posts for the previous memes, but never really finished any of those two.
Main reason?
 I have been very busy scorching from one place to another in pursuit of a language book for my daughter.
Another reason?
Ever since our laptop, which I regularly use, crashed,
the most convenient means of internet access for me would be thru our tab.
I, however, cannot upload photos on blogger there, which was unfortunate because I wanted my entries to have photos.
I could use another laptop,
but minimal usage must be observed.

I'm starting to blab again.
Anyways, I'm not quite sure what to put.
I hit rewind, and thoroughly looked for blessings I received this past week, but it's all a blur.
Now, this is difficult.
But there's got to be something.
We are always blessed. We just fail to see it sometimes, especially the small ones, but blessings are always with us.
Proof? We have air to keep us breathing.

But for the past week, here are some of the blessings I have noticed:

1. REALIZATION - I know I have been BLESSED when it comes to my daughter. And this morning, I have come to realize another blessing I have in her. I NEVER HAD TO TEACH HER HOW TO WRITE. I helped  my little brother with his assignment earlier, and it was a headache. He can't even hold his pencil right. HAHA. And then it hit me. I never had that headache with my princess. In fact, the headache would be to restrain her from holding pens, and doodling on anything.

2. I REPAIRED HER UNIFORM - Again, about my princess. As much as possible, I don't acknowledge it whenever she gains weight. I'm not sure whether to or not to believe in 'USOG', but most of the time, she gets sick and/or loses weight when she gains. This is why I just feel blessed having to repair her uniform to give her more room to breathe. :))

3. ONE TASK DOWN - The pursuit for the language book of my daughter is overrrrr. ;)

4. MORE TIME - I thought I had sign up for this week's BC Bloggers CommEx, but the spreadsheet established me wrong. HAHA. It was a BLESSING in DISGUISE. I now have time to make up for the time spent scorching.

5. FAMILY BONDING - yeah, baby! Quality T-I-M-E will be spent with my family laterrrrr. ;)

**This list could go on forever. Blessings come our way everyday in different forms. Let's count our blessings, and embrace them! :)


  1. Your little princess is quite a you are to her.

  2. Family bonding is always precious!good day sis! I wish you more blessings!

  3. Wouldn't we all want to have more time :) Sometimes missed opportunities are really blessings.

  4. Bonding with the family sure is something to be treasured for a lifetime! :)

  5. Nice list you got there. Our kids are such blessings to us, they are so clueless how much joy they give us :)

    Here's wishing you more blessings to come:)

  6. your princess is indeed a blessing..:)

  7. you are blessed indeed! What is the language book for? Are you teaching your little girl another language? :)

    1. Thanks.

      Nope, I'm not.
      It was for her school.
      Their supply was short kasi.

  8. family bonding is really important, it makes our kids more closer to us and itll help them in the future to resist peer pressure. :)

    1. I agree. That's why it's really important to build the connection while they're young.



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