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Friday, June 15, 2012

Tutu or Not Tutu, That Is The Question.

I never doubt the beauty a tutu exudes. And yet, for the second time, I am debating whether I should or not push thru making tutu apron for my baby. I am actually almost done with it, and honestly have to be done with it by now, since my daughter will be needing it in school later. But since Im having yet again tutu issue, I cant finalize it.
I do admit that it may be a little over the top.
Their teacher asked them to bring apron, and she will be bringing what? Tutu Apron.
OA - as my sister describes it.
I know, alright?
But she has been asking for it, and very excited about it. How do I tell her I decided to deglamorize your apron because your aunt thinks its OA? Just the thought of it breaks my heart.
Kids have the every right to be cute. And this is my princess we are talking about, I cant settle for anything less. I guess every parent would agree that we want nothing but the best
for our kids, even it would SOMETIME mean going over the top.


  1. I suggest you make both. Para if it comes out OA to the teacher she has another simple apron to show.

    Lahat naman tayo Nanay OA diba. So ok lang yan sis. :)

  2. I know what you feel, and you're right we all want to give the best for our kids. You can make the tutu apron regardless of what other people would say, at the end of day what really matters is our kids to be happy. But Lalah is right, you can make both..

  3. I agree with the suggestion to make two. one for use at home, it can be as glamorized and as kikay as she wants. The other to use in school, still cute and beautiful but more simple. Maybe you can tell her that you don't want to make it too pretty that her classmates might envy her. :)

  4. I have to google what a tutu apron is. And guess what?! I think it's cute. And I do love standing out from the crowd most of the time. Lol. That's okay.

  5. Do make her a tutu she can wear some other time. If it's for school, the apron must be functional. You wouldn't want the tutu apron to be covered with mess, would you?



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