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Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Hero

I really don't know how to start.
I could get really emotional when it comes to this man.

He, of course, is the first man I have ever loved.
BOYS have come and go, but this MAN stayed.
So, I ought to LOVE him til my last breath.

I had let go of his hold, and ran away,
but was the first one to pick me up when I stumbled and fell,

I turned my back on him, and flew away, 
but was the first one to catch me when I got bruised.

He isn't a doctor, but always helped me heal my wounds.
He isn't a lawyer, but always the first one to defend me when I have issues.
He isn't a teacher, but taught me a lot of things.
He isn't a tour guide, but have always guided me.
He doesn't have superpowers, but have always saved me.
He's not just my father, he's also my hero.

Some may see him as hard as rock,
but in our eyes, his children's eyes,
he's even soften than cotton itself.

We have witnessed him broke down for the love of us, his children.

Some may look down to him,
but we will always look up to him.

He is my father.
And I would never have him switched for anybody else.

His love for us is truly immeasurable.

***I Love You, Daddy.
I may have disappointed you gazillion times before, and may disappoint you gazillion times more tomorrow, but I will always, always love you. We fail because failure's inevitable, but not because we want to hurt you. I may not say this as often as I should, but I will always love you, Daddy, and I will forever be thankful that God has given you to us as our father, despite everything. God is indeed wise. He knows what we really need, and when we really need it. He gave us you as our father. And because of that, there's nothing much to  worry about.


  1. Very sweet and nicely put.

  2. very inspiring indeed. i know your father is so proud of you.

  3. Awwww, this is so sweet. We really should treasure our parent while they are still around us. Some of us are lucky to have both of them. Sadly, some also lost their parents at an early age.

  4. this really melts my heart, that is just so sweet and true... Dads are our hero!

  5. Awww.. what a touching letter. Belated HFD :)

  6. sweet! belated happy father's day

  7. NICE POEM:) How I wish I could make one for my father too

  8. Very well post! Sweet and pretty sure your dad, your hero will be proud of you!
    hope to see you in my page too:

  9. I hope your dad has read this already. Am sure he's more than happy with the way you appreciate and love him. Cheers to all fathers!

  10. What a lovely gesture! So sweet! Happy Father's Day To all dads!

  11. You are a real daughter to your father. :) Cheers!

  12. That's so beautiful and you're lucky to have a father like that.

  13. Your father's day tribute is by far the most heartfelt. I am touched with every stanza.

  14. This is such a sweet gesture. I am sure your father was touched...

  15. You are blessed to have a father like him, and him to have a daughter like you! A wonderful pair indeed! Heartwarming and inspiring poem.

  16. Father is always the hero. You're absolutely right when you regarded your father as such. You've got an inspiring verses.

  17. Wow.. that's so sweet.. I wish I had a father like yours, but so far the only man that I could think of as a hero is my hubby.. nobody else.. Your lucky to have a wonderful dad.. I wish all dad is like yours..

  18. awww! what a sweet poem for your Daddy :-) it almost brought me to tears :-) lucky you have still a Father :-) my Papa is in heaven now though I cannot see him in person but he will always remain in my hearts forever :-)

  19. These makes me missed my dad I lost him in my arms in 2008 due to cancer but happy that I am the last person he saw before he takes his last breath

  20. Very nice poem, I missed my father when I have read this. I so love him and would like to spend more time with him.



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