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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Kinder Field Trip: Science Centrum

I'm not a big fan of science. 
I never failed in any Science subject, or so I'd like to think. 
Well, I did fail in Zoology, intentionally, back in college.
Everybody's taking up Nursing then, and for some reason, I got persuaded, over-leaping the fact that blood makes me sick.

I don't hate science, it just happens to be my least favorite subject.

So, when I've read that we were going to Science Centrum, again, I'm not the happiest.
But again, unexpectedly, I had fun.

Science Centrum is located at E-com Building, Riverbanks Center, Marikina City.
They are open daily except Sunday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Adults/s:      Php 120/head
Student/s: (private school)     Php 120/head
                    (public school)      Php 95/head
Children below 2 yrs. old        FREE
Teachers with ID                       FREE
Senior Citizens with ID      50% discount
*Maximum of 1.5 hours, additional P60 for every hour thereafter.

Before entering the museum, we were greeted by a teaser.


Inside the museum :)

They oriented the kids before letting them explore.

This is cool.
I'm just not sure how accurate this weighing scale is, though.

Another cool stuff!
There was a webcam at the side, wherein the photos taken become the astronaut's face.

wood samples :)

 Trivia from Meralco:

Experience earthquake :)

 This isn't called "Wonder House" for nothing, trust me.


  1. I remember going to science spectrum on afield trip during our elementary days. Its always fun to learn science when it is showcased in a kid friendly presentation.

  2. I miss those trips! Now that my kids are older, they didn't need any guardian anymore to these trips. They just rely on the teachers and aides. haha

  3. it is really good to expose kids in science. Good that there are museums like this one.



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