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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Baby Alive as Tinkerbell

The moment my daughter and I saw Hasbro's Baby Alive: My Real Baby doll, we just fell in love with her. But before buying her, to make sure she'll be worth it, I did some research. I got excited when I found out we could dress her up. The excitement was short-lived, though. The only baby alive doll accessories available here in the Philippines are the food, juice, and diapers. But it didn't stop me from buying her, of course. It was love at first sight. How can anybody or anything stop me? HAHA. But it also didn't stop me from dressing her up. It's a good thing Bear Cuddlers offer not only a wide variety of teddy bears, but clothes for them as well. Although her clothes size is quite hard to find. Animalandia also has a wide selection of clothes, but they're quite pricey.

Anyways, I'm planning to dress up my daughter as tinkerbell. I'm almost done with her dress, but a little skeptic about it's design. So I decided to make one for Princess, our baby alive doll, first. 

So here's Princess as Tinkerbell.

Her wings might follow soon, since my Real Princess is asking for it. :)



  1. That is so cute! Thank you for joining Color Connection!

  2. what a pretty Princess Tinkerbell :-) Dropping by from Color Connection



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