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Monday, September 17, 2012

Liebster Award

Now, this is a nice welcome! :)
Sure, there's always a rainbow after the rain. After my daughter had been diagnosed of broncho-pneumonia a few weeks ago, I just found it hard to go back to my daily routine, including going online, even after she got cleared. But she's getting better now, and I'm slowly getting back online. And now the rain is over, here comes the rainbow.
Yhey of The Adventures of a Dilettante Single Mom nominated me for an award.
Just like her, upon getting the nomination, my initial reaction was like, "no way!", but after visiting her blog, I'm just flattered she noticed. Haha. But seriously, I will be forever grateful to her. At least, I now know that I'm somehow making a mark.

Anyway, the award I am to receive is the "Liebster Award". Liebster is a German word for sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.
The award recognizes new and upcoming bloggers with less than 200 followers, who deserve recognition and support for their contribution in the the blogosphere.

Before receiving the award though, these rules must be followed:
01)  Each person must list 11 things about themselves.
02)  Answer the 11 questions that the tagger has set for you PLUS you MUST create 11 questions of your own for the 11 people you will nominate with this award.
03)  Choose up to 11 bloggers linking them to your post.
04)  Go to their page and inform them of the nomination.
05)  Absolutely NO tags back. Remember to ONLY tag bloggers with less than 200 followers. 
simple, huh?

To start off, here are 11 things about me:
1. I mean what I say, and I say what I mean.
2. I am generally loving. I love almost everything and everybody. Haha. 
3. I'm a Dove girl, and I love it. Haha.
4. I am observant.
5. I am very specific and may be strict with details.
6. I could eat sweets more than rice.
7. My family find me AMAZING. haha. They break something, I fix it. No internet, I fix it. No TV reception, I fix it. They need something, I do it. I'm like their one-stop-shop. :)) 
8. I don't always get sick, but when I do, it's a special case.
9. I got my looks from my mom. People who know her need not be told I'm her daughter.
10. I'm more of my dad inside. My sister once told me that. And even I, myself, can see that.
11. Nothing scares me more than losing my family.

That's it. Now, off to Yhey's questions.
  1. What are your hobbies/interests? I lose interest quickly. My hobbies and interests change from time to time. I like trying new things, and exploring my limits.
  2. What is your favorite food/cuisine? I will forever love Kare-kare and our Ate Betty's Adobo. Nothing beats the Filipino cuisine, although I crave for Italian, Chinese, and Japanese cuisines sometimes.
  3. What movies do you watch over and over and OVER again, and you never get tired of it? Titanic, The Addams Family Values, Shrek, Up, Tangled, 13 Going on 30, The Mummy Returns, and a whole lot more.
  4. How do you feel receiving an award like this? Proud. Grateful. Happy.
  5. Hot choco or hot coffee? Hot choco. I love chocolate!
  6. What is your pet peeve? PMS :))
  7. What is your "special" talent? Does not matter if it is extraordinary! My cousin and I always say we have no talent, but my aunt always disagree. According to her, our ability to have 12-hour straight sleep without getting a headache is a TALENT. Haha. We know that was an insult. Haha. But that was before.
  8. What is your favorite book/novel to read? None, actually.
  9. What is your favorite place to hangout with family or friends? buffet restaurants. haha. 
  10. What is your favorite thing to do on a rainy day? sleeeeeeeeeep! :D
  11. And lastly, what is your favorite color? PINK
Okay, now for my nominees, the super random questions you need to answer are:
1. Who/what inspired you to blog?
2.  When was your last haircut?
3. What's under your bed?
4. As a child, who pampered you the most?
5. What was the last thing you ate?
6. When was the last time you wanted to scream?
7. When was the last time you ate ice cream?
8. When was the last time you felt so happy, you cried?
9. Do you believe in ghosts?
10. What gets you going?
11. What do you want to be remembered for?

Now, in no particular order, my worthy nominees are:
1. Michelle of Stage Mom's Imaginings
2. Aileen of iHeart Good Health
3. Jhari of My Oweini Life
4. Miekee of Twins Escapade
5. Mylene of Online Mommy's Corner
6. Lalah of Party of Three
7. Gaylee of House of Gaylee
8. Rosemarie of Pinay Single Mom's Nook
9. Jared's Mum of Mum Writes
10. Jellybelly of The Twerp and I
11. Gerilen of The Chronicles of a Young Wife

So, that's it.
Once again, Thanks, Yhey, for this unexpected yet much appreciated award.
And to my worthy nominees, make sure you'd get this award, and flaunt it, because you definitely deserve it.


  1. Congrats Verna and thanks for the nomination. I have my entry here on my other blog --> Liebster Blog Award as I was also nominated by Sarah just last week for iHeart Good Health also.

    Pink is your fave color? Not so obvious lol! :-)

  2. "I'm a Dove girl and I like it!" - Nice one Vern! Thank you so much for the award by the way, I'm so honored. I'll soon work on the rules and hope to post it soon.

    You deserve your award also. :-)

  3. Wow! Thanks for this award sis. Bookmarked it and I promised myself to grab the award and post it as well on my blog. Many thanks. Mom Michelle is right, you deserve this as much as we do. Visiting from CommEx Sept18.

  4. Wow..I'm really surprised! Thanks for the nomination hehe..

  5. Wow congrats.. I also got the same award but i still have to reply on that too.... it feels like great to know that some people are noticing our blogs... :)

  6. wow.. awards awards! hope to receive one too! 'grats!

  7. :D I can also eat sweets more than rice. When I was younger, I would sometimes eat plain sugar when we didn't have any chocolates or other sweets.



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